Review Portrait Professional Studio + Lightroom 6 and Samples

Portrait Professional StudioRecently i bought software Portrait Professional Studio™ 12 from Anthropics Technology and use it with Lightroom 6™ or sometimes Photoshop CS6™ for more control. Their technology Re-Lighting can make your portrait photo more ‘alive’, striking and showing the beauty from your photo collection. When exporting from my RAW files in Lightroom my setting is minimum to achieve small files with maximum result, in Lightroom you can right click then choose menu EDIT IN > Edit In PORTRAIT PRO and here is my preferences:

preferences when export in lightroom

  • File Format: TIFF
  • Color Space: sRGB
  • Bit Depth: 8 bits/component
  • Resolution: 300
  • Compression: LZW

in Photoshop you can open any picture then choose Portrait Pro from menu FILTER > ANTHROPICS. This is just some example with Asian Woman + Portrait Professional Studio in Mac OSX Edition.






beauty is very important in this business especially female client’s and this software can be opened with Adobe Lightroom, if you want more control or plan to masking with layer they also provide plugin for Adobe Photoshop™ , that plugin is free in Studio Edition. They also selling Standard Edition and the limitation is that you only use it as stand alone application (no integration from Photoshop/Lightroom). The software is currently available in operating system Windows™ and Apple Mac edition, mine is using OSX Yosemite 10.10.4 and it just work. When you buy from their website, after the payment process completed they will give you the serial number/licence to your email immediately so you can activate the product.

I have no problem with this software, mostly i take pictures for fashion model with woman and beauty photo’s is very important, for example photo’s for selling in online market or for creating catalog, these pictures above taken with Canon 5D mark ii , 24-70L f2.8 lens/100-400L.

Before using this software, photographer (read:me) usually use dodge and burning feature in Photoshop but that takes time and this software shorten my workflow and minimize the time of delivery for all my clients. If you want powerful batch mode to save more time (for lot’s of clients) you can buy the Studio Max edition. This software also receive many awards as best software like:

  • Best Professional Photo Finishing Product
  • Best Professional Imaging Innovation
  • The Societies 2012 Photographic Trade Awards:
  • Best Professional Product of the Year
  • Best Professional Productivity Digital Tool
  • Best Professional Photo Finishing Product
  • Best Professional Imaging Innovation and many more…

For more information about these product and comparison for each edition you can visit their website at .  They also provide free trial to test the software with full functions but you can’t save the file to your hard drive. Right now they give Special Offer and cut their prices for strictly limited time.